2/18/2018 – Why do we fellowship? – Nate Fairrow

2/11/2018 – Why do we give? – Joel Brendemuhl

2/4/2018 – Why do we have elders? – Jonathan Schabruch

1/28/2018 – Preach the Word – Kevin Birkett

1/21/2018 – Worship Through Song – Dan Ball

1/14/2018 – Romans 5:1-5 – Jonathan Schabruch


He will be called week 2

He will be called week 1


Divine Direction week 4: Faith to Start

Divine Direction week 2: Power to Discern

Divine Direction week 1: Power to Become


WGDMS week 3: When God seems Uncooperative

WGDMS week 1: When God is Silent

Stand Alone Teaching: Beyond all Things- Jon Schabruch


How to Neighbor week 4: Loving the Lonely

How to Neighbor week 3: Empower the Poor

How to Neighbor week 2: Embracing Orphans

How to Neighbor week 1: Racism

Stand Alone Teaching: Why?

Stare down your fears, shatter your insecurities, and shake off the apathy that tries to hold you back. You’re not a prisoner—you’re an Overcomer.

Week 4: Overcoming the Face of Fear:

Week 3: Overcoming the Lies of Labels

Week 1: Overcoming the Curse of Comparison

What does the Bible have to say about our divided nation? Find out Sundays at 10!

Under God week 4: Brian Strode

Under God week 3: Kevin Birkett

Under God week 2: Joe Smith

Under God week 1: Jon Schabruch


Dangerous Prayers week 3: Send Me

Dangerous Prayers week 2: Break Me

Dangerous Prayers week 1: Search Me

This series will change everything! Join us on Sundays at 10 am, pick up the book and plug into a small group!

Row the Boat

For the City

Why Pray for One?


Why Believe week 5: One Way

Why Believe week 4: The Bible Pt. 2 Guest speaker Jon Schabruch

Why Believe week 3: The Bible Pt. 1

Why Believe week 2: God

Why Believe week 1: The Resurrection

Join us this Sunday at 10 am as we explore 6 marriage crippling lies and the truths to defeat them.

Lies we Believe week 3: Spiritual Mismatches Don’t Matter

Lies we Believe week 2: There is one and only one person for me

Lies we Believe week 1: I have to be married to be happy & fulfilled


Join us over the next three Sundays at 10 as we look at what Jesus really said about money.

Don’t Say That in Church week 3

Don’t Say That in Church week 2

Don’t Say That in Church week 1



Pray for One week 5

Pray for One week 4

Pray for One week 3

Pray for One week 2

Pray for One week 1

Pray for One intro: Church is…

Join us, Sundays at 10 am, as we come to worship the coming of the King!


Come to Worship week 4: Christmas Eve

Come to Worship week 3: Pour out our Hearts

Come to Worship week 2: Our Gifts

Come to Worship week 1: Lifted Hands

Attitude of Gratitude

Our nation is deeply divided. Many people are hurting and angry. How, as Jesus followers, do we respond? Join us this Sunday at 10 am as we ask, "What do we do know"? 10 am || 4820 NW 34th St ||

What Do We Do Now week 2

What Do We Do Now week 1

Join us each Sunday at 10 am as we take a look at how Jesus actually lived his life! #DownisthenewUp

Servant King week 9: Passover and The Lord’s Supper

Servant King week 8: 2 Followers

Servant King week 7: Fig Trees

Servant King week 6: BIG Announcement

Servant King Week 5: Who do You Say I Am?

Servant King Week 4: When Religion Gets in the Way

Servant King Week 3: What If?

Servant King Week 2: The Other Side


Multiply week 10: Like Wildfire

Multiply week 9: Second Wave

Multiply Week 8: Nature

Multiply week 7: Advance

Multiply week 6: Guest Speaker- Dan Ball

Multiply week 4: Sitting

Multiply week 3: Ordinary

Multiply week 2: Together

Stand Alone Sermon- Jon Schabruch: Free Indeed

Multiply week 1: What is the church?

Ever wonder what God's kingdom is supposed to be like? Join us!

Parables week 4: Jericho Road

Parables week 3: Parable of the Poutty Son

Parables week 2: Hidden Treasure

Stand Alone: Memorial Day 2016

parables sermon graphic

Parables week 1: Parable of the Talents

God knew what He was doing when He created Love and Sex. Come discover what God has in store for your relationships.

Love Song wk 3: God honoring Sex

Love Song wk 2: Perfect Seasoning

Love Song wk 1: Faithful Attraction

01 title slide

God on Film wk 4: Warfare

God on Film wk 3: Offense

God on Film wk 2: Rescue

God on Film wk 1: Unity

Red_Letter_Day_-_Banner_4Red_Letter_Day_-_Banner_4 SermonGraphic_RLD

It is Finished

I am Thirsty

Father forgive them

My God, My God! Why have you abandoned me?


The Time is Now week 3: The Blessing of Obedience

The Time is Now week 2: Be Strong! Get to Work!

The Time is Now week 1: Hard Right over Easy Wrong


Jesus and We week 4

Jesus and We week 3 Guest Speaker Joel Brendemuhl

Jesus and We week 2

Jesus and We week 1


First Things First week 2

First Things First week 1

Whether we’re nostalgic or over scheduled, this season can find us longing for a simpler time…when the world seemed full of wonder, when joy was wholehearted and love was unrestrained. Let’s re-discover what it means to live and believe Like a Child. Starts 12/ 6 @10:30

Like a Child week 4: My God can do Anything

Like a Child week 3: My God forgives me

Like a Child week 2: My God is with me

Like a Child week 1: My God is for me




Bless this Home week 4

Bless this home week 3

Bless this Home week 2

Bless This Home week 1: Guest speaker Brad Zachritz




Christian Atheist week 4: I believe in God but don’t trust him fully

Christian Atheist week 3: I believe in God but don’t want to go overboard

Christian Atheist week 2: I believe in God but don’t fear him

Christian Atheist week 1: I believe in God but don’t know him



RE: Renew week 3


RE: Renew week 2

RE: Remember week 1



Elisha Week 4

Elisha Week 3

Elisha Week 2

Elisha Week 1



God never said that week 3: It doesn’t matter what I do as long as I don’t hurt anybody

Faith in a hostile culture: Stand Alone series

God never said that week 2: God will never give you more than you can handle Jon Schabruch

God never said that week 1: God just wants you to be happy